My identity as an artist is born from my belief in a Creator who created me to be like them. I make art in order to live life, to truly be who I am. From coping with stress to truly forming my own joy in the process of art making, it is a necessity of my life.

From Dirt & Steel

This series of vessels arose from a newly accepted love of floral design. Instead of acquiring ceramic vases, I chose to design vessels within my practice of metal fabrication and glass enameling which I have been working in for 12 years out of my Brooklyn studio.

Process should be seen.

Remnant Studio highlights the beauty of the bronze brazing along with colors the torch brings out, the smoky by-products sealed in rubber. Welding hidden with sanding and polishing, erasing the tool but showing my hand. A dance of allowing and manipulating; process and fine tuned design.

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